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Strange Paranormal Encounters with the White Eyed Kids

Reports of the phenomenon of the strange beings known as Black Eyed Kids have been reported for decades, and generally follow a certain fri...


Reports of the phenomenon of the strange beings known as Black Eyed Kids have been reported for decades, and generally follow a certain frightening pattern. The children, usually in pairs but not always, appear mostly in rural or sparsely populated areas. They typically appear as normal children from afar, but a closer inspection will reveal that they have a sickly, pale pallor to them, and that their eyes are completely dark pools of black, without any discernible iris or pupil, akin to the eyes of a shark. Although the tales may vary in their details, these mysterious entities are almost always described as exuding an intense wave of dread and panic, and their eyes are said to have a certain disturbing, sinister, and hypnotic quality to them. Many of you probably know of these entities, and they have become quite a fixture in the world of the paranormal, but what many might not realize is that there is another permutation of this phenomenon. While considerable rarer than reports of Black Eyed Kids, there are a few reports of similar mysterious figures that instead of black eyes have ones that are pure white, and while scarce these accounts are every bit as creepy and bizarre.

One of the most elaborate and striking reports of White Eyed Kids is a report that was featured on the site Pararational, concerning a man who says that in 2013 he was living with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend in “a fairly small Southern town.” He claims that one day he went for a ride in his truck at around 3 AM, and on the way back stopped at a small grocery store to get some cigarettes, parking his vehicle around the corner. It was as he was getting back into his pickup truck to head back home that the weirdness began with a tapping at his window. When he looked to see what the source was, he says that there was a young boy of around 8 or 9 years of age standing there just beyond the glass. The child was standing there completely motionless, and when asked what he wanted, merely politely asked the witness to roll the window down. The witness says:

My hand started to reach for the crank, but I stopped myself. That pit in my stomach was starting to feel wrong. I shook my head and asked, “What do you need, kid?” Another few seconds before the kid replied, “Mister, I think I’m lost.” I started to realize that besides this kid’s mouth moving, he hasn’t budged at all since knocking on my window. No change in facial expression, nothing. “Where are your parents?” I realized that my voice was starting to quaver. What the fuck? I’m a veteran. I’m not easily intimidated, and this is just a child. He said, “I can’t find them. Can you drive me home? Please take me home. Just unlock the doors and I’ll get in.



At this point, I feel like something’s up. I look away from the kid for the first time to make sure I’d put my keys in the ignition. Check. I glanced over my right shoulder, wondering if this kid was bait for some kind of robbery, but there weren’t even cars behind me for about a block, let alone people standing nearby. I’m psyching myself out. This kid needs some help, I told myself. So I looked back at the kid and my blood ran cold. Why hadn’t I noticed before? The kid has no pupils. Fuck, he doesn’t even have irises. It’s just white. Not like he’s blind, where the pupils are milky. Just fucking stark white eyes. Shit. He still hasn’t moved a muscle. Then I noticed his skin. Pale, almost translucent.

The witness by this point was feeling terror overcome him in the presence of this thing, some nameless dread and sense of impending doom washing through him, and his shaking hand started up the ignition. The kid up to this point was still rather calm, timid, and pleading, but upon realizing that the witness was about to leave his whole demeanor soured, taking on an ominous tone. The witness explains:

As soon as that thing standing outside my truck heard the engine fire, he scowled, and started knocking on the window. Not the light tapping from before, but hard. “Mister, just let me in your truck and take me home. It’s okay.” I don’t know how, but I could feel his voice more than hear it, where previously what he was saying was hard to make out. I threw the truck into drive and peeled out of there, glancing in the rear view only once I’d cleared a full block. The kid still had barely moved, and only turned his head to face me. “What the fuck,” I kept yelling to myself. I couldn’t say anything else. I just kept driving at probably 15 MPH over the limit, and I’m pretty sure I blew through a couple stop signs.



It wasn’t until I actually pulled into my driveway that I realized I was even heading towards home. I put the truck in park and took a few breaths to calm myself. After I got my bearings, I looked outside and realized that it was dark out. Late twilight, almost night. I looked at my watch, which read 7:01. I was no more than five miles away from that tobacco shop, but it took me almost two and a half hours to get home. When did I lose that time?

He claims that he sat there shaking in his truck for a full 20 minutes, wondering if that creepy kid had followed him and was perhaps milling about in the shadows, and when he finally worked up the courage to get out and stumble to his house, where he locked all of the doors and patrolled the residence with a handgun. When the brother and girlfriend came home he told them what had happened but they didn’t really take it seriously. Nevertheless, it was upsetting enough that he skipped work the following day and says that he was plagued by a sense that he was being constantly watched. The following day he finally got back to his job as IT personnel at a hospital, still wary and stashing his gun in the glove compartment just in case, and the story would take a rather strange turn as was getting his truck from the parking garage to head home. He says:

Then I saw the hand prints. Two god damn kid-sized hand prints on the driver side door, and two on the windshield. Greasy, nasty fuckin’ hand prints. I looked around the truck, down the parking aisle, nothing. So I unlocked the truck, stepped in, closed and locked the door behind me, then pulled the pistol out of the glove box. I started to put the key in the ignition, but I didn’t feel quite right about that. I wondered, *that little fucker was all over my truck. What if he did something to it?



So I got back out, holstered the Glock (I’d worn the holster, but can’t bring the pistol into the hospital), and popped the hood. I’m not much of a mechanic, so I didn’t exactly know what to look for. I guess I wanted to make sure everything looked normal. Reasonably satisfied (not that I’d really recognize sabotage at a glance, anyway), I got back in the truck and locked the door as it was closing. I turned the ignition, and no problems there. Once I put it in gear, I drove slowly and brake-checked, just to make sure the brake line wasn’t fucked with.  I got home just fine, though. The house was empty, as usual. As soon as the rain let up, I took my camera outside, hoping to take a photo of the hand prints, but they’d washed off. Of course. I’m getting sick of this shit.

He insists that the only entrances to the parking garage were guarded and that the hand prints had not been there when he had arrived. Vehicles seem to be popular targets for these creatures, and another very similar report along these lines comes from a Reddit user who says he had his brush with the bizarre while at a 24-hour shopping center car park waiting for a friend at around 10 PM. He claims that as he sat there lost in his thoughts a young kid suddenly popped out of nowhere to tap on his window and ask for a ride. The witness asked him where his parents were but the boy merely repeated that he was lost and needed a ride home. Things only get more harrowing from there, as the witness says:

This was definitely weird. I looked at him again. Then I did a double take. Holy shit his eyes were white. Not just white around the edges but unending white through the entire eye, no iris and no pupil just a solid wall of light. I really don’t why but I felt myself smiling slightly as I gazed him. Then my thoughts began to collect again. It must’ve been about 3 seconds. ‘Uhh sorry no kid I have to go’ I immediately regretted replying. ‘But you have to take me’, the kid replied. I don’t know how but I could feel his voice more than hear it. His words began echoing in my mind longer than it should have. ‘Uhh no kid I have to go.’ I started panicking. The kid replied again this time with something indescribable behind his voice. ‘I’m lost and just want to go home’.



I don’t know how but at this point it was as if someone had put the kids voice on a loudspeaker and as he spoke I felt as though a booming was resonating from within the kid. The force of the kids voice was so strong. I felt strongly sympathetic to the kid, almost like I was being forced to by him. Anyway with the last ounce of control I had left I turned the car on and slammed on the accelerator. The kid immediately shouted out ‘No take me with you!’ At this point it was though the kids voice was a machine gun firing into me. I immediately sped to the nearest exit in a dream like state and drove into the night. My friend at this point could find his own way back to his house (which he did later). While driving and exiting from the car park I could still feel his voice within me resonating at an amplified volume. The force of his voice, it was as if I had been picked up and violently shaken by the kid whose voice was so clear, and my unconscious was analysing every nuance and inflection of what he had said, like I was being forced to. There was so much force behind it.

In an incredibly eerie similarity to the previous report, the witness says that when he got back to his apartment an ominous thunderstorm started up, and he would notice an anomalous handprint on his car. He explains:

There was a tremendous thunderstorm and I noticed flashes (although I didn’t see it) of lightning. When I was at my apartment building (I live in a complex) I open a huge metal door to get in and it was soaking wet. There was a handprint on it. I only noticed when I looked down to pull on the handle at about the same height a small child would place their hands. The hand print was white and although the whole door was dripping with water the hand print seemed to made of recently dried paint. I touched it looked up and felt it in my hand just to make sure it was paint. It was. I looked down again. The hand print within the 2 second span of me sampling it and looking up had gone from white to clear; from the rain dripping on the door. I touched it again and felt it. It was paint but now completely soaked with water and far more fluid than it was before indicating it was being soaked. I looked down again. It had vanished. I put my hand on where the paint had been, but it was nothing but a metal door behind it. For some reason I looked behind me. Of course there was no one there. I went inside and made my way up to my apartment and had an early night. I have not encountered any white eyed kids since or any being of a supernatural type for that matter.

These wild encounters are remarkably similar, and seem to also share a lot in common with typical Black Eyed Kid encounters, such as the child approaching a lone witness in a secluded place such as a rural house or a car at night, as well as the pleading to be let in or for the witness to help them them. For some reason these entities seem to be unable to enter a home or vehicle unless they are specifically invited to do so, and they will often become increasingly aggressive and malevolent if refused, just as in these accounts. It always seems that they cannot force their way in unless specifically invited, and in most cases when the menacing children eventually give up and leave the victim is left exasperated, confused, and with the profound sense that they have just avoided some sort of dire fate. The irrational fear that can come crashing in like a sudden wave in these reports is also a hallmark of Black Eyed Kids encounters, but there are some differences as well. In this case, there is obviously the color of the eyes but there is also the unusual mention of lost time in one of the reports, as well as the additional harassment and evidence left behind in the form of the handprints after the initial encounters, not really typical with BEKs. What to make of it all, and did it even really happen at all?

Another interesting White Eyed Kid report was given on the site Phantoms and Monsters, by a witness who says that on this day he had been out with some friends swimming in a lake and jumping off a cliff into the water below, and that for most of the time they had been alone. However, at one point another group arrived, and along with them a sense that something was not quite right. He explains:

A truck arrived with a tall thin guy, maybe 16, and two girls around the same age. It was when they arrived and started jumping off the cliff too that I became uneasy. I asked my friends if we could start biking home and they were like ‘sure’. As I got on my bike, I turned back around to take one last look and the guy was staring at me but I noticed that he had only white eyes. No color, no pupil, nothing. At the time I hadn’t even heard of white eyed kids so I googled people without pupils and nothing came up. It was weird AF but true.

This is a bit different from Black Eyed Kids encounters in that BEKs are never seen driving vehicles, indeed usually needing to be given a ride, and they also tend to avoid approaching groups of people, preferring solitary prey. In another case from Phantoms and Monsters we have a report given by a “K. Mitchell,” who had his encounter in 2005 at the Petrified Forest National Park, in the state of Arizona. He claims that the road he was on was bleak and empty, with no other cars around, and that at sunset he pulled his car over to the side of the road to take a rest, have a smoke, and check his maps. He got out of the car and that was when he saw something pretty odd out there in the middle of nowhere. He says of the terrifying string of events that would happen next:

I got out to have a smoke and check the map and out of nowhere there was a kid who looked maybe 13 in a hoodie and jeans. She asked if I would give her a ride. I couldn’t because I was packed to the gills in the middle of moving, so I declined but offered to let her use my phone so she could call someone, I even offered to wait with her until someone picked her up. She became livid and gave me a grimace, which is when I noticed the eyes, purely white. I opened my trunk and grabbed a sandwich and bottle of water, set them on the ground and got back in my car. Within a week I was in the hospital with complete renal failure with no idea from the doctors why it happened and ended up flat lining twice. I didn’t think much about it until I was telling my nana from Norway about it and she told me they’re death harbingers. What’s the most unnerving is the fact I had seen her a few more times afterwards in multiple cities and states.

This account is interesting in that it paints the entity as a portent of death or misfortune, perhaps even the cause of it, and indeed it seems like bad things happen when people let the Black Eyed Kids get too close or allow them in as well. In a way, many of these accounts seem to point to the White Eyed Kids being some version of their more well-known black eyed brethren, so is there some link between them? What significance do such accounts have and what do they mean? What connection, if any, do these have to the Black Eyed Kids? Indeed, what are they, if anything? Are these demons, ghosts, aliens, or just figments of the imagination? Whatever the answers may be, it is an interesting subspecies of phenomena concerning the Black Eyed Kids, and it is all so surreal and bizarre that it seems we are nowhere near figuring out what it is all about.



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GIẢI TRÍ SAO 24H: Strange Paranormal Encounters with the White Eyed Kids
Strange Paranormal Encounters with the White Eyed Kids
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